About us

INTRAS Congressi was founded in Bologna in 1985 after acquiring the organisation and know-how of the Bolognese headquarters of the Italian National Translators Association, extensively involved in conferences since 1978.

Thanks to its expertise and in-depth knowledge of the sector, the company has successfully established itself in the area of ​conference and language services, providing complete assistance in the preparation and organisation of conferences, meetings, trade shows and symposia nationwide, and a professional interpreting and translation service able to meet even the most complex needs.

For years Intras has provided translations and interpreting for major public organisations, companies, consortia, associations and professionals. Interpreting for meetings where high professionalism is required and translations of confidential documents, resolutions, global projects, high-traffic websites, and documentation for conferences, proceedings and articles for international publications.

Working with the external relations and international projects departments of public bodies we provide specific translations of regulatory acts and provisions, resolutions and projects for various sectors.