Events and Meetings

Thanks to its expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Events and Meetings sector, the company has successfully established itself in the area of ​conference and language services, providing complete assistance in the preparation and organisation of conferences, meetings, trade shows and symposia nationwide. Below are the services we provide in the three main phases of an event.

Before the event: Analysis of objectives, Consulting for the design, Project development, Location search and on-site assessment, Study of souvenirs and merchandising related to the event, Communications project to increase the visibility of the event, Development of all conference materials, Development of websites for the duration of the event, Applications for permits/authorisations.

During the event: Organisational back office, Management of registrations and payments, Supplier management, Miscellaneous equipment (technical, audio, lights, flowers, etc.), Technical equipment for simultaneous interpreting, Interpreter management, Press office, Hospitality management (overnight stays and travel), Management of hostesses and staff, Catering management, Photographic services.

After the event: Sending of thank you notes, Press review, Management and translation of the conference proceedings.